The Believable Baskerville

Michael Bierut:

In a way, typefaces are the graphic equivalent of the human voice, and each voice has a specific timbre and accent. In my mind, Baskerville speaks with a calm, confidence-inspiring English accent, sort of like Colin Firth. No wonder it’s so trustworthy.

I don’t remember names well, so I had to look up Colin Firth. As soon as I saw his face I remembered: he was one of the main characters in Kingsman, a decent but less serious James Bond-like action flick.

Back to typefaces. Baskerville is like Firth’s voice? Somewhat convincing, but to me the more believable voice is The Matrix’s Morpheus.

LG G4 Stylus

According to LG the 5.7-inch G4 Stylus sports a resolution of 258 ppi, which translates to a pixel format of 1280×720. Kudos to LG for adding a stylus, but that anemic screen is a deal breaker.

LG G4, LG G4 Stylus, LG G4c…

Why do most hardware brands believe an entire lineup is necessary for success? I don’t know how many smartphones LG makes, but I do know the company makes too many. Apple has already shown one is enough, though it is on the wrong path at the moment with three. With one iPhone Apple grabbed the smartphone world by its throat, smashed it upside down, and took all of the profits.

LG, do what Apple did: bring your best industrial designers, hardware engineers, software engineers, user experience designers, photographers, deal makers, etc. and build one smartphone. Design for people, not the bank account, and do it every year.

2015 MacBook Review by Marco Arment

Marco Arment:

I hate typing on it, I hate the trackpad, it’s slower than I expected, the screen is noticeably blurry from non-native scaling to get reasonable screen space, and I don’t even find it very comfortable to use in my lap because it’s too small.

Non-native scaling will always be blurry, compared to native scaling. In my initial observation of the 2015 MacBook:

There is one thing about the MacBook that is weird: the hardware-level pixel format is 2304×1440, but you can only run it as high as 1440×900.

Just look at that ugly number: 2304. Couldn’t make it 2560? Or if hitting a 16:10 aspect ratio was so important, why not go all the way to 2560×1600? Would have been tidy, and standard.

Speaking of keyboards and trackpads: More travel, not less. I know this is over the top, but I’d like a mechanical keyboard in a laptop. Like the good old days. And the trackpad on my 2009 MacBook Pro is failing. My two cents: make the trackpad simpler, so it can last longer, and if it breaks easily fixable. This new trackpad on the 2015 MacBook looks quite complex and I bet replacing it when it breaks will be expensive.

This concerns me more than you probably think it should. Not only does it represent compromised standards in areas I believe are important, but it suggests that they don’t have many better ideas to advance the products beyond making them thinner, and they’re willing to sacrifice anything to keep that going.

Nailed it.

The Apple Watch Digital Crown Explained

John Gruber explains how the Apple Watch digital crown works. That the digital crown requires explanation, and such a thorough one at that, suggests it is not simple.

LG Display 0.97 mm 55-inch OLED Panel

Yonhap News Agency: Less than 1 mm thick. Wow. It’s also light enough — just 1.9 kg or about 4.2 pounds — a magnetic mat is all you need to ‘mount’ it on the wall.


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