NEC MultiSync P241W

NEC MultiSync P241W-BK specs: Display: 8-bit 24.1-inch e-IPS LCD Pixel Format: 1920×1200 Aspect Ratio: 16:10 Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 Response Time: 8ms GTG Brightness: 300 nits Viewing Angles: 178/178 Backlight: CCFL LUT: Internal 14-bit, 3D programmable Color Gamut: 96.7% sRGB, 71.4% NTSC, 75.2% Adobe RGB Connectivity: DisplayPort, DVI-D (2), VGA VESA: 100×100 mm The P241W-BK tilts, […]

Radiant Opto-Electronics: Backlight Unit Supplier for Next iPad

DigiTimes: Radiant accounts for over half of the BLUs LGD needs for its iPad 3 panels, while Samsung sources BLUs from the Taiwan maker for all its iPad 3 panels, the sources said. Sharp also uses BLUs from Radiant for iPad 3 panels, as well as from a Japan-based BLU supplier, the sources added. According […]

3M + Acer = All Day Computing And Then Some

Original image source: Kramer Sharp Getting to all-day computing is a goal for some laptop brands, but Acer has gone a step beyond: the company has now added more computing power on top of an eight-hour battery life. 3M and Acer jointly announced that the Aspire TimelineX-line of laptops have the same eight-hour battery life […]

White iPhone 4 Mod Kit sells a full conversion kit for US$279 that includes: A pre-assembled white iPhone 4 back panel: Black glass with camera lens & LED diffuser, supporting plate A pre-assembled white iPhone 4 front panel: Retina Display, supporting frame, front glass, and touch panel White iPhone 4 home button iPhone 4 opening tools, protective case, screen […]

Trivium Technologies: Toward Brilliant, Energy Efficient LCDs

Make something simpler and manufacturing throughput generally increases. So does yields. With throughput and yields up, manufacturing costs generally goes down. When it comes to LCD panels the backlight unit (BLU) is the most expensive component making up about 30% of the total cost of manufacturing. Bring down the cost of the BLU and the […]

LCD Component Suppliers Pressured to Cut Prices

According to WitsView and reported by DigiTimes, first-tier LCD manufacturers are pressuring LCD component suppliers to reduce prices. First-tier LCD suppliers would include Samsung, LG Display (LPL), AU Optronics (AUO), Sharp and Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO). It is not unusual for LCD manufacturers to negotiate with LCD component suppliers for better prices–the process intensifies when […]

Honeywell Licenses LCD Patents to Hitachi

Honeywell announced the licensing of LCD patents related to increasing the brightness and image quality to Hitachi and Hitachi Displays.  There are two patents involed: one is #5280371 “Directional Diffuser for a Liquid Crystal Display” and #5041823 “Flicker-Free Liquid Crystal Display Driver System”. These patents can be applied to increase LCD brightness and flicker-free operations in […]

Forhouse Degussa JV Opens PMMA Molding Compound Plant

On July 12, Taiwan-based Forhouse and German-based Degussa AG held an opening ceremony for their joint venture to manufacture optical-grade polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) molding compounds for light guide panels and diffuser films used in backlight units (BLUs). Degussa hols 51% and Forhouse holds the rest. The PMMA plant will have a 40,000-ton annual capacity. Forhouse […]

LCD Backlight Unit: Cost Reduction

Witsview via Digitimes: Backlight units (BLUs) is one of the most expensive components of a LCD. Similar in cost are color filters. A BLU account for about 30% of the material costs in a LCD TV panel. For a LCD monitor panel, the BLU is around 20%. There are opportunities to reduce cost if you […]