XBox 360 External HD-DVD

XBox 360 does not have a HDMI port? I didn’t know that. HD-DVD it does not have either. I knew that. Now, for $200, you can purchased the external HD-DVD drive that’s about 60-70% the size of the XBox 360 itself and watch HD-DVD movies… ummm… the few that are available. Actually, I Googled “hd-dvd […]

PS3, Wii Up, Xbox 360 Down

According to the Commercial Times, Siliconware Precision Industries (SPIL) is reporting an increase in chip orders for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) and Wii while Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) are seeing decreased Xbox-360 related chip orders. The PS3 supports 1080p displays, so for those of you out there that are […]

Joytech 9200 Digital LCD Monitor: Xbox 360 Display

Facts: Joytech's 9200 Digital LCD Monitor is a 9.2" LCD monitor that sits on top of the Xbox 360 when laid on its side. Opinion: The 9.2" size is abnormal, but to fit it exactly on the side of the Xbox 360, that's what Joytech had to do, I guess. After spending $400 on the […]

Xbox 360: 720p & 1080i Support

In California many geeks have Fry’s Electronics as their favorite store. The store has quite a few electronic gadgets and parts. I also like visiting the store from time to time. They have a beautiful Samsung wide LCD monitor/TV connected to the Xbox 360 and the games look superb. Now, what I don’t understand about […]

User Interface: TV, Microsoft is Right and Apple is Wrong

Tim Carmody, Wired: The best approach we’ve seen to this problem, and the best approach we’re likely to see for some time, has been Microsoft’s efforts with Xbox 360. I want to explain why I think Microsoft is beating and will continue to beat Apple in this space. Then I want to outline what Apple […]

Nintendo Wii U Controller/Console Combo

CrunchGear: I think Nintendo is going about this all wrong. The Wii U controller tries to be both a controller and a console but I don’t think it will do either very well. There are two major shifts in gaming. One is pioneered by Microsoft: get rid of all controls and let your body do […]

Infinity Blade on iPad 2 Streamed on HDTV

Cult of Mac: Check out this video of the iPad 2 playing Chair Entertainment’s Infinity Blade on a 50-inch LG HDTV running at 1080p, thanks to the new iPad HDMI adapter. That’s a ten-dollar game looking just as lurid and beautiful in high-definition as a $60 Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 game. The video does […]

Gizmodo: How to Buy an HDTV

Regarding 3DTV this is what Gizmodo says: 3D sets are, generally speaking, the best performing sets in the product line. So even if you never intend to watch a single piece of 3D content, it’s worth considering a 3DTV. Save your hard-earned cash and stay away from 3D. There’s isn’t that much 3D content to […]

Microsoft: Self-Destruction

Frank X. Shaw in Measuring Our Work by Its Broad Impact makes the case that innovation is about making a positive impact in the world. (Internet Explorer and Windows Vista come to mind.) The piece by Shaw was in response to a former Microsoft employee, Dick Brass’ op-ed piece Microsoft’s Creative Destruction in The New […]

Panasonic PT50PD3P: 50″ 720p Plasma TV for 99 Cents!

Panasonic PT50PD3P Specifications Display: 50″ PDP Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Pixel Format: 1366 x 768 Contrast Ratio: 3000:1 Dimensions: 47.8 x 28.7 x 3.9″ Weight: 110lbs Wendy’s will auction more than $30,000 worth of cool stuff including a Panasonic PT50PD3P, a 50″ 720p plasma TV. Each and every item will be auctioned off for just 99 […]