Samsung Gear S2

[ The Verge ] Samsung combined a perfectly circular display, a minimal bezel without protruding buttons (an all-touch UI?), and equally simple watch faces. There are only a few teaser images, but I like what I’m seeing.

Project Euler

[ The Atlantic ] James Somers:

Imagine a future in which the best way to learn how to do something — how to write prose, how to solve differential equations, how to fly a plane — is to download software, not unlike today’s chess engines, that takes you from zero to sixty by way of a delightfully addictive inductive chain.

Project Euler is like this future (without all the fancy graphics and animations); I have signed up and am looking forward to learning how to program by solving problems.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2

[ 9TO5Google ] Let’s look at the specs for Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 2:

I’d put the Redmi Note 2 a notch below the OnePlus 2, which sports 4GB RAM, optical image stabilization, 64GB of storage, among other features. But then there’s the price: the Redmi Note 2 starts at RMB 799 (about US$124) and maxes out at RMB 999 (about $156). The price is incredible; I wonder if the price will hold when/if Xiaomi sends the Redmi Note 2 across the Pacific. The minimal design looks nice too.

Sharp Pulls Out Of North America TV Market

Financial Times: Sharp will license its brand to Hisense for LCD TVs sold in North and South America. Sharp president Kozo Takahashi is also considering the option of spinning off the company’s display manufacturing business.

Samsung SE370

SamsungTomorrow: The Samsung SE370 monitor comes in 23.6-inch (S24E370DL) and 27-inch (S27E370DS) sizes.

Rant: Who comes up with model names like this? What is the logic? Is there a school that teaches how to develop names for gadgets so human beings can understand? If such a school exists it should be mandatory for the Samsung folks responsible for these hideous names to attend such a school. Okay, end of rant.

The SE370 series monitor features an industry first: Qi wireless charging. To charge your wireless charge capable smartphone simply put it on the SE370’s stand. It’s a good idea and helps to declutter your desktop. The wireless charging industry is moving toward a single standard and that should help bring about more gadgets with wireless charging capabilities.

A few specs:

The only downside is the pixel format: both sport 1920×1080. The 27-inch version should be 2560×1440.

I like the color (white) and the slim bezel, but the aqua trim is tacky and has to go. A better name would help too.

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